My Martin Minute.

In 2006 I had an idea to promote The Martin Agency. Each employee would produce a one-minute video and talk about what made Martin special to them.

To get the ball rolling a young, talented assistant producer and I created three sample videos. She directed, shot, and edited them.

For various reasons, the idea never quite got off the ground.

I wanted each employee to make their own Marin Minute in whatever form they wanted and with the freedom to say whatever they wanted. I didn’t want to approve or see them until they were done. There were a few people in the agency who were uncomfortable with that approach.

So what I have to show you is an idea very much in its infancy. I think over time the idea could have grown into something worth making.

Published by bassetts49

50 years in advertising, 20 years as the creative lead on Geico. A life in creative thinking.

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