The bravery of long-term branding.

It’s easy to get caught up in the next ad campaign, the next competitive onslaught, the next agency shoot-out because fourth-quarter sales were off by half a percentage point.

It’s harder to look at a brand as a journey, a journey that if the brand and the agency have done their jobs bravely, the brand will sustain itself though the ups and downs of inevitable market vagaries.

Here are three brands (there are certainly others) that have survived the test of time. (25 years or more.) I’ve included a few screen shots just to jog our collective memories.




Video content, whether on TV, Twitter, or Instagram, defines how a brand acts, what a brand stands for, what a brand believes in.

If your brand is in it for the long haul, think about what you stand for and what you would stand behind regardless.

You and these three brands have come a long way together. My bet is, you can’t wait to see where they’ll take you next. That’s a bond between a consumer and a brand that not even the end of the world as we used to know it can break.

Published by bassetts49

50 years in advertising, 20 years as the creative lead on Geico. A life in creative thinking.

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