The Gecko writes a book.

Several years ago, Workman Publishing came to us about publishing a book written by the Gecko. We checked with the Gecko. He said he had never written a book before, and he was reluctant to take on the project. He made a lot of excuses, but what it really came down to was his arms were too short to reach the keyboard.

Finally he agreed. He would dictate the content on a small tape recorder. We would help ghost write it and get the illustrations done.

In the book I’m listed as editor, which means I chose the best people for the job and then got the hell out of their way. The best people turned out to be a tight team at The Martin Agency and Geico working closely together mostly after hours. This post is dedicated to them. This was their passion project, and it’s evident on every page. (You’ll find their names listed in the book’s credits.)

There were months and months of back and forth. No, the Gecko wouldn’t say that. No the Gecko can’t say that. No, the Gecko can’t talk about the Kardashians. And yes, we have absolutely no money for illustrations.

In 2013 the book was finally published. You can still order it on Amazon today. There are dozens of valuable life lessons in it for all of us.

I also learned a valuable life lesson from the book. Publishing one is a lot harder than it looks. But then again, I am only human. I guess I should do what the Gecko says and cut myself some slack.

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50 years in advertising, 20 years as the creative lead on Geico. A life in creative thinking.

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